busy bee

september 2012, i decided to quit one of my main job so i would have more time for my family and myself.

it’s been 1,5 montsh since the latest blog post. well, I have to say that life’s been busy lately. but i love it. a lot.

husband’s best friend’s wedding in Bali.

my brother’s wedding, and i was the matchmaker. :)

husband’s aidea creative house got painted and chalked by two talented friends, @nadyazhry (check his instagram, super cool!) and @zakyarifin.

YES! I’ll have that chance to see one my heroes. Sting will be performed in Jakarta on December 2012 with the best team (dominic miller, vinnie colaiuta and david sancious). :D

me and my three best friends are now preparing for a second hand sale event. check out our blog and twitter (@wasminesale).

husband’s birthday. it was a very fun day. we sent him 25 birthday greeting videos. gave him a few surprises. we love him. ;)

mba amesh from one of my favorite local brands, dreamesh, contacted me and asked if i want to join her monthly ‘workshop in a box‘ event. so, I came and yes I adore those creative crafty people. they really have those magic hands. :D

and next month, my daughter Kira will celebrate her first birthday. time flies, huh?


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